Ladies! Let’s talk🙂

A few nights ago, I had a wonderful conversation with a friend of mine. Definitely we talked about everything from career down to the least which is boys.

But then, a part of the conversation caught my full attention I felt I should share with my readers which was about we women, our dressing, and looks.

So, here we go!

Most times, she(my friend) leaves the house and she sees the dressing of some ladies out there yet we ladies complain about not being able to achieve proper BabyGirl status ok maybe I didn’t write that well yeah! We don’t get addressed the way we want people to address us.

Her point- We want to be seen at a certain level yet we look like 3 levels lower than our present status. An attempt should be made by every lady to dress, smell and look nice. she continues by saying even if you’re not a fan of makeup, you should at least take care of your hair and apply even if it’s white powder and lipgloss not walking about with your face shining like 10packs of Vaseline was poured on it🚶🏽‍♀️.

I added some girls start dressing up when they meet THAT GUY. Furthermore she says ” we look good to feel good not for men to validate that we look good”.

Knowing all this, people will address you better and with respect ,She’s an avid believer of “dress how you want to be addressed”.

ok! I’m running too fast, This was what led to the discussion above

I was gisting her about a situation that occured like two weeks ago and I was in the middle of it.

I was caught up in the middle of a situation when a friend of mine dressed like she struggled with her ancestors before coming to meet some friends and I. As the one who says things as it is, they were expecting me to talk, I was speechless!.So, this person is close to me and no matter how I sugarcoat my words, she will always read meaning into it . So you see!

I just took her inside and politely asked her to change, my madam took offence… I just laughed and said to her “when you’re ready to look like  human being, then you can come out then we move”

Hanty came out and said she’s no longer going anywhere!

Me! I kuku left her and moved! You cannot look like SCREP and follow me SIMPLE!

have you ever been in a situation like this?

How did you handle it?

What are your thoughts on what my friend said?

Please Share your thoughts in the comment section

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How to get affordable taxi in Abuja

If you have been to Abuja or you live in Abuja, you will know that nowhere is actually far.
It’s usually 5-15 minutes without traffic but long distances are 25-30 minutes
Even the airport is not that far

So Some time last year I was a newbie in Abuja but now I can say I know some areas more than some people who have lived here for years (I mean I don’t mean to brag but yeah that’s a fact) lol

When I came here it felt like the prices doubled but Fam! I had to shine my eyes because this one leg thing can be stressful especially with this Abuja Horrible Sun!

These tips are things I tried out and they worked! Hopefully they work for you.

Even as they claim there’s Fuel Scarcity in Abuja🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️

This is especially for those who don’t use Uber, taxify and the rest of them ( In Abuja unlike Lagos normal cabs are cheaper than Uber in some cases but then OgaTaxi is the cheapest)

So if you plan on doing BabyGirl/babyboy on a budget here we go!

1. Don’t act like a JJC (Johnny just come): very vital😂 these cab drivers can detect a JJC from the way you answer their questions and give directions! They are that good I promise you and once they notice this they double their prices because this one doesn’t stay in Abuja and automatically you don’t know anything. This is why Google map is your best friend so when you’re explaining, you just act like you know where you’re going. Which brings us to our second tip

2. Google maps or google is your best friend: Abuja is a place where GPS works but not perfectly even if you’re going to somewhere in Lugbe or Nyanya it will bring you to that place. First thing I do is to use google or google maps to check the Address and ETA(Expected Time of Arrival). Using this it helps me know a location conversant to that area. However, if this doesn’t work, we all have that friend that’s a waka waka! Quick advice: call the person

3. Use price estimate on Uber/Taxify: this is the pettiest advice ever but then since Normal cabs are cheaper than Uber usually, they are 200-300 cheaper sometimes 500. so yeah! use that.

Using these tips
I hope they help

Let me know if you try them and if there are any other useful tips,let me know in the comment section

P.s: Normal cabs are almost the same as Uber at night if you’re a night crawler, it’s advisable to use Uber/ Taxify/Oga Taxi they are safer!

Keyword: SAFE

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Togger Fam! Thank you for reading my posts, commenting and also liking my posts. I’m inspired to write more everyday because of the love and support I get from you guys.

I really do appreciate. Also, as Lent starts today, don’t forget to pray, Fast and also show acts of love throughout the Lenten season.




img_7487SOURCE: goodmorningquote.com

People go through a lot and only express it when they have found a solution or in the process of getting out of it.

I have never experienced it but when I listen to people share their experiences and how they struggled to get out of it (be it depression, paranoia, abuse etc). Honestly, I am super proud of them because it takes a strong person to come out of such situation.

These people attain a level of happiness after this struggle that you don’t even know where the strength comes from.Their happiness is genuine, you can even feel it. A lot of strong people have struggled with one thing or other.

After all this running around, all I’m saying is To everyone struggling with one thing or the other, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. You won’t die, you will come out stronger and happier.

That situation may look like it’s there to stay, it will only be there for a short while.


I hope this post helps someone struggling with a situation.

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This post was definitely inspired by a bible plan I’m on.

I realized that Forgiveness is an integral part of our everyday activity whether we want to accept it or not. People will always say hurtful things to you even push you to your breaking point that you eventually lose it and they in turn feel it’s ok for them to do that.

I have had my own fair share of trials and it wasn’t easy for me because it was coming from someone I least expected to act that way.
Honestly I found it really hard to forgive this person but then when I forgave her I realized a burden was taken off me

I discovered a few Reasons why you should always forgive:

1. You feel relieved because you realize that a burden has been taken off of you

2. Things begin to get better: Personally I believe when you don’t forgive, you block your blessings
( if you’re with me say Ai)
However, when you open your mind to actually forgive someone who wronged you, things get better. You begin to see a lot of good changes.

Lastly the happiness glow!! I’m obsessed with happiness glow. I don’t like bitter people, no matter how much makeup you put on to look fine, there’s this natural glow from within only happiness can definitely bring. Moreover Bitterness can only hide for a little while.

Forgiveness is not an easy process but then it hastens the forgetting process.

Do you have problems forgiving people?

I hope this post helps you.

Happy Sunday!

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Lately, a lot has been going on

The general situation of the country is beginning to make people lose their cool (I mean people are angry all the time)

A lot of negative energy out here but then the problem is how to be positive in this world of chaos and unnecessary drama.

Fam! It hasn’t been easy for me either especially for someone who’s button can be triggered anytime but then these days I select situations and people I react to.

Honestly these days I live by the 5 by 5 rule because certain people and certain situations you won’t even remember in 5years.

Which is why Ignoring people and their BS is a necessity these days

Stay positive all the time! Don’t let the negativity of others affect your peace




What am I even ranting about?

Is This post even a rant?








So I feel like it’s time for me to use my platform to help small businesses grow. YAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be featuring vendors I know in Abuja and other places I visit who have really nice products/services.

So our first vendor today is ……………*Drum rolls**




Every Girl deserves a wig!

Personally, I love these wigs and  they are not like your everyday ratchet braid wigs So if you’re a lover of braid wigs, get in here.

They are not the regular braid wigs you see around and they are really nice. First is the MICRO TWISTS

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P.S: As Valentine’s day is coming, sow a seed of wig(s) in your girlfriend/wife’s life.





Happy New Year!!

Happy new year Togger Fam!

(I’m so sorry guys!) please forgive me!

It’s actually never too late to say happy new year. I’m really sorry that I have been away for far too long and it’s been one hell of a period.

From the holidays to real life issues and all what not.Literally why I have been away

I had a poll on my Instagram account where I asked some questions on what you people will like to see on the blog

Honestly didn’t expect the feedback but I’m super thankful to those of you that participated in the poll

Now I know what you want to read about. Thanks for your patience. I love you guys

Then uhmmm lastly plix ! Biko! Edakun! If you know any fashion bloggers and nutritionists/healthy lifestyle bloggers who would love to share their ideas on a blog

Please use my dm on IG or Snapchat: @teebuhmbum

Happy new year from all of us at Togger





While entering the mall to pick up a few things, I overheard some girls arguing about determinants of rich guy with special reference to the phone the guy uses. Two of the girls were #teamBigPhones shows how rich a guy is while the other one said she doesn’t agree with that school of thought stating that rich people don’t care about their phones, all they are thinking about is how to make more money. Furthermore, she went on to say that its not like they cannot afford them but its not a priority to them and the other two girls disagreed with this. What do you people think about this conversation?

p.s: Please don’t ask what I was doing while this conversation was going on that i heard everything LOL.

My two cents, I agree with the other girl! Phones don’t determine how rich a guy is because a lot of the male folks are not phone crazy RICH or NOT RICH….

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We are One Month Old! Yaay!!!

Yaay!! We are one month old! Yeah it was yesterday but Trust Nigerian Network to mess you up…

That’s by the way, I’m super excited. Thanks for the views, comments, critics

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shaving-down-theresource: SHUTTERSHOCK

Not everyday one drama or something relationship related, today it’s gon be health related.
So! in the spirit of the season
I will drop an educative one for my people today because ermmmmm I’m a health enthusiast and also a low-key nerd.
So I got caught up in a conversation between two guys who had different opinions about a lady keeping her pubic hair (the kind of conversations I get involved in though!lol).
While Mr. A said it was Ok to keep pubic hair, Mr. B said it wasn’t okay because it can cause heat down there which in turns causes odour. However, Mr. A said this pubic hair protects a lady from germs and other unwanted stuff.
Personally, I agreed with Mr. B but then Mr. A made reference to an article online which in turn inspired this post.

So, is it okay to keep pubic hair??

YES and NO in my own opinion

yes because I. The pubic hair serves as a barrier to prevent entry of diseases. So yh! the germs that couldn’t make it into the Baby down there due to a serious case of condomization get trapped in the pubic hair and this can be easily washed away with soap and water. A research found that frequent removal of pubic hair is associated with an increased risk for herpes, syphilis and human papillomavirus. However, the link wasn’t clear with STIs like Gonorrhea and like every other study, it had its limitations. Another study found that waxing or shaving increases the risk of contracting molluscum contagiosum. Molluscum contagiosum is a viral infection which affects children, teens, and adult but can be contacted through sexual contact for adults and teens.

II. The pubic hair helps regulate body temperature: The pubic hair plays a role in regulating temperature down there. Sometimes one wonders how that occurs. Basically, on every hair follicle, there is a sebaceous gland which secretes oil into the hair which in turn reaches the skin surface. The evaporation process that occurs helps regulate temperature.

Then NO because lack of grooming can cause breeding of lice and heat which yields odour.

This is a little knowledge I shared with you guys but If you want to keep your pubic hair, wax or shave. Do whatever you feel that’s good for you. if there are more reasons why it’s okay to keep pubic hair, please drop your comments in the comment section and don’t forget to share and subscribe…..





HI guys!!
Happy new month….. I know this is coming very late and I am really sorry..
Life happened.
Notwithstanding all that, I am back Yaay!.
So a few weeks ago, I read about the woman who stabbed her husband because of the messages she saw in his phone. I waited a while before dropping my two cents on it to see if justice will take its due course and yes it did. Now after the incident occurred, some lady posted something on facebook supporting the situation (End times or nah?). the lady in question(the stabber) is now cooling off in Kuje prison pending when they remember her case.
My two cents?! Well, we already know what she did was wrong.
First things first I am not an advocate of divorce except in the case of domestic violence. However, if you find yourself in such situation, this is where communication comes into play. Talk with your spouse about  it , try to work on your marriage and all (p.s all you married people should not come and give me that you’re not married, you don’t know what it’s like) then in a situation where it cannot be repaired both of you should come to a mutual understanding and know the next step to follow. There are other options other than stabbing, poisoning or whatever evil.
That being said, I’m not a relationship or marriage expert or counselor. I just shared my thoughts on the situation. If you have any more ideas, please drop your comments in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe and share



UPDATE: The court denied her oral application for bail yesterday..



Domestic+violence+25Source: 23 WIFR

With the rate at which Domestic violence is increasing, I decided to share a little summary of my findings on the blog.
Apparently, domestic violence is the trend now for some men who can only show their power when it comes to women,these people actually don’t utter a word when their guys annoy them so since you cannot talk when your guys annoy you, why the hell do you take it out on your woman??

That’s not even the point my question is why do these women stay in abusive relationships?

Now I really tried to understand these people who stay back in abusive relationships because its so difficult not being judgmental. Judging from stories on the internet and twitter statistics, I found out the following

I. FINANCE: These people in abusive relationships are financially dependent on the abuser, they feel if they leave, they will be bankrupt,But I always look at this reason two times, the women who have money and still stick to an abuser, What’s your point really?
II. LIVING UP TO SOCIETY STANDARDS: “I don’t want to join the league of single mothers, our mothers didn’t bring us up that way, It’s my job as the woman to keep my home together” when I hear women make this comment when asked I ask myself “Is it when this one dies that she will know its time for her to leave”? But then, the worst is girls who are still dating abusive boys(ahn ahn aunty are you not seeing all these on the social media about domestic violence?) haba!those are the worst like there’s a boy out there tripping, willing to treat you like a queen and you choose to love a woman beater (yimu) okay now!
III.DICK GAME TOO GOOD: After the apology accordingly, makeup sex is the next abi? This is the craziest part, These boys are the best in this part, haa!if you hear a girl in an abusive relationship/marriage talk about the guys D game, a girl will start dripping(mogbe)…ahn ahn, the styles are too good. These guys know Kama sutra at the tip of their fingers. The makeup sex is too good and why won’t these girls stay back? Besides, that’s what other girls are missing(Iffa slap you ehn, Is sex food?) mtcheww!!!.
IV.HE WILL DIE IF I LEAVE HIM/STALKER TENDENCIES: I put the two together because they go hand in hand. Moreover, a man who makes that kind of comment will stalk you till Jesus Comes -_- “Are you the first girl to leave him? The other ones that did, he probably played the same card and they left and he stalked them till they got a restraining order(Yess!)
V. HE’S NOT CHEATING: the one that gave me goosebumps is this “he’s not cheating comment” haba who told you?? Is it when he’s beating you that you would know, ehn? so because he’s not cheating,therefore you will die on top of his matter? I’m pained literally!!!!
In summary, this is all I found out but then if there are more, please drop them in the comment section
FINAL WORDS: I know its really difficult to leave an abusive relationship/marriage but think about your beautiful self and what the future holds for you then talk to someone, I’m sure with the right help and support, you will find the courage to leave.

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This question sometimes stirs up a serious argument between guys because some agree and some do not agree however some guys are always neutral about it, whatever one that comes their way they take it.


Now for the men who do not agree they always have the same reason and that is the woman not being respectful and loyal, notwithstanding all these(I mean, stuff like this happens) it doesn’t mean that it’s not a 50-50 situation, I for one have seen women being breadwinners of the family and also going about their wife/motherly duties.
Over to the men who agree, they have the craziest reason and that is the expenses on their side reduces(really tho?!) I always say to guys who think this way, it doesn’t work that way. Therefore, if your wife earns more than you, so you won’t buy her nice gifts?, and the dumbest men actually say Yes!. It’s very understandable that some guys don’t have the slightest idea about Romance but Hey! a nice gift no matter how small is not too much for your wife! C’mon!! Then the other set of reasonable men who actually have no issues with it say they don’t mind because if they find themselves in a situation like that, they would support their wives and also work harder because they see it as a means of encouragement.

Personally, I stand with the reasonable guys who don’t have issues with it because if my wife earns more than I do, I would strive to bring more to the table, However, if she decides to be rude let’s leave that talk for another day!!!!! also don’t forget to share your thoughts on this in the comment section.





This particular topic has stirred up a lot of arguments because people have different views on it and sometimes the whole thing escalates into something serious.
A few days ago, a friend of mine had this argument with some guy and his point was some people have money and lack happiness while some have happiness and lack money. His point? that one person can’t have it all but you have one at the expense of the other. However, my friend disagreed with his statement saying money and happiness go hand-in-hand because if there’s no happiness, one can at least afford temporary happiness because there’s money and can reminisce on those moments during the period of sadness. Additionally, she says that most people have glorified poverty and made it seem like there’s dignity in poverty thereby making people think that they can’t have happiness and money. Finally, she says for her she will definitely get the two but in this case genuine happiness at this point, my guy was short of words.
Personally, I believe you can have the two. Firstly, happiness comes from within and people also find happiness in the littlest things we least expect. Lastly, the kind of energy people around you give off matters, in other words, positive energy breeds happiness while negative energy breeds unhappiness and also when your income is steady there goes your happiness and your money going hand-in-hand.
So, what do you guys think about this? Please drop your comments in the comment section and don’t forget to share and subscribe….






Proof-reading her write-up for an upcoming magazine, she hears her phone beep. Still proof-reading her work with her right hand, she stretches her left hand and reaches for her phone.

Wondering who this strange person is, she drops her phone because she has never seen the number before and the messenger had no image.
After thirty minutes of deep thoughts and trying to avoid questions like “who is this?” She braces up and prepares herself for the worst.
After a while, She replies the message and the stranger introduces himself which automatically brings a smile to her face and she mutters “finally”.


Let’s take it back to three days before the message. Ada and her friend, newbies in Abuja were looking for a particular joint called Dreams because they were going to meet up with some friends after work.
Already infuriated because the network was messing with her. Funmi, her friend tries to calm her down and she is still ranting. While this was going on, she’s still fiddling with her phone and the call finally goes through.
A car pulls up in front of her and she moves away but the guy in the car patiently waits for her to finish her call.
Pulling Mr. Nice guy stunts, he asks her if she’s okay and she ignores him and continues fiddling with her phone. Something hits her and Immediately, she says to the guy “I’m looking for dreams” and he explains to her. Then, he introduces himself as Femi and she replies with her own name. Moving ahead with their conversation, Femi offers her a ride but Ada refuses, that he might be a kidnapper. Femi begins to laugh and Ada is somewhat surprised, she had this “what’s wrong with this one?” look.  However, after that episode both exchange numbers and go their separate ways.

They get chatting and he fixes a date and time for them to meet up. Ada as accurate timekeeper tells him it’s either 5 pm or nothing. However, Femi as a sharp guy manages to get her to agree to his own time. He takes her to some nice place in maitama called House 43 and they actually have a good laugh which was the least of her expectations.
He drops her off at her house and they bid each other goodbye.
About thirty minutes later, she receives a message on her phone from Femi stating he’s home. Another chatting session ensues, Ada as super CIA agent starts asking certain questions that can enable her social media stalking all to no avail.
Ada on her own thought about the conversations they had over dinner and decided to give the guy another chance at a date to figure out his kind of person.

Femi 5’11, handsome with a cute set of eyes. His body not too hot but better than a pot-belly guy. Is he Ada’s kinda guy? Not really but from their conversations, she decided to give him another chance to a date.

After a couple of dates, she realized that this guy is a mystery, so weird but a very nice guy with a whole lot of positive energy and a go-getter.
Ada had a problem with his very private nature but as time went on, she got used to it.

Does she want to unravel the mystery behind this guy? Nah! she will pass


Eyy!!!!! Snap out of it already! I was just exploring my skills in story writing.
I Hope you had a good read, please don’t forget to share, subscribe and drop your comments……xXx Tochi




You’re suffering from low self-esteem!,That was what woke me up from my beauty sleep.
I was shocked as well at why somebody would say such demeaning statement to another individual.
Let me breakdown the gist, A few weeks ago my neighbours had this misunderstanding that escalated into some serious exchange of words. I really can’t say all that transpired between the two of them because I was sleeping and it felt like I was in a dream when I heard that statement.
However, all I could think about was why such statement was made and it led to the title of this post…
Basically,self-esteem is generally your perception of yourself. So when you think good about yourself,you feel good and when you think bad, you feel bad right? Moving ahead,could self-esteem be high or low? YES! it can be however I would be discussing that later.

So! What is Low self-esteem?
low self-esteem is where someone believes he/she is not worth anything,nothing good can come out of them. These people lack self-confidence!
low self-esteem doesn’t just come to play in a person’s life,it builds up over the years and can be caused by certain things that are overlooked.

1.Abuse– For me Abuse is the number one cause of low self-esteem.Be it emotional,sexual,physical or verbal abuse,they are still called Abuse. An individual who has been abused over time begins to think that they didn’t do something right and they deserve the treatment meted out to them. Because this thought has been planted in their mental, they gradually start to become IT without knowing and this builds up to Low Self-esteem.
2. Another cause that I will access is Social media and Setting of unrealistic standards: due to too much packaging and increase in the use of snapchat filters, the need to meet up to standard has increased. This however has made a lot of people feel they cannot meet up with what’s out there and because they cannot meet up with what’s out there,they become anti-social which is a sign of low self-esteem which in turn leads to lack of self-confidence.
3. Certain religious beliefs have helped build up that low self-esteem in individuals without even knowing it, they make their followers believe that once you have lost your way, there’s no going back which is the wrongest orientation. This makes the individual feel less of themselves and gradually instills low self-esteem in them. These religious beliefs place their focus on some parts of the bible and ignore the other part…
these are few of the causes of low self-esteem….I believe there are more.

furthermore, there are certain signs people with low self-esteem give off they include i. lack of self-confidence ii. anti-social behaviour iii. rebellious behaviour and a whole lot of other behaviours I have no idea they depict.
In summary, Low self-esteem is an issue which affects a lot of people without them even knowing it.
Right now I know you’re thinking of that friend who you feel is suffering from this,the signs I wrote earlier maybe It or not.
Nevertheless, if you have a friend who you feel is suffering from this, be supportive and try as much as possible to make them feel comfortable in their own skin.
If you’re the individual in question who is suffering from this, feel free to reach out to me, I can be of help…
Don’t forget to subscribe and share this post….and If you have any more ideas to add this post.. Please drop your comments in the comment section because NO KNOWLEDGE IS A WASTE..